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Move freely, live joyfully.

Dahlia B. Steinberg RMT

Owner/ Director Ebbnflow Massage


Massage Therapy has been a vital part of Dahlia's personal health and well being for over 20 years. Her own experiences with injury and the desire to figure out the causes of her own chronic pain have given her an intimate, working understanding of the many benefits and treatment options available to massage therapists. Prior to becoming an RMT, Dahlia enjoyed a career as a professional dance artist and choreographer. After battling through the limitations created by unhealed injuries, she took an early departure from her dance career to retrain her body with the help of yoga and pilates and eventually began teaching these modalities full time. Dahlia came to her massage therapy studies with a solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and a variety of experiences with many different approaches to therapeutic bodywork under her belt

Dahlia's ongoing professional education as a massage therapist is largely influenced by the teachings of Ida Rolf, handed down through courses she has taken in myofascial release and structural integration with her teacher Craig Mollins.  Ms. Steinberg's clinical practice continues to reveal the key role that fascial restriction plays in postural imbalance, contributing to many of today's common, chronic pain conditions. 

Dahlia works diligently to understand each person's unique story through the use of postural analysis, orthopeadic assessments and an ongoing,  in-depth health history intake in order to gain the best picture of all the possible contributing factors to a condition. She works collaboratively with other health care professionals, offering an excellent referral base to clients in the event that they may benefit from the expertise of another practitioner that may be more suitable, or who may offer a compliment to the current massage therapy treatment plan. Ms. Steinberg's background in dance, yoga and pilates instruction is always in play when recommending home care exercises or therapeutic self care practices. All of these services offers clients a well-rounded approach with the goal of efficiently and effectively achieving the highest levels of success possible.

Dahlia looks forward to meeting you and tackling your particular issue head on!

Moving with more ease can only lead to improved quality of life,
hence the tagline:
"Move freely, live joyfully"