Dahlia B. Steinberg RMT

Owner, Ebbnflow Massage


Dahlia wholeheartedly believes in the efficacy of massage therapy in treating and preventing chronic and acute pain, in that it directly treats the most common source of the issue: muscles, facia, tendons and joints, often resulting in a significant reduction in need for pain medication. Dahlia's goal is to empower the individual to recognize that they can improve their quality of life with a little extra attention to postural habits, and repetitive tasks through the combination of regular treatment and learned home care routines that include everything from specifically tailored remedial exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy and even the use of healing oils and poultices. Dahlia is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and is a member of the RMTAO (Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario). She graduated for the Ontario College of Heath and Technology in 2012 and has been practicing full time since 2013. She brings a solid foundation in movement teaching experience to her practice, including her past professional career in Modern Dance (Training, teaching and performance, 1993-2003), Yoga teaching (2005-2009), (200 hour teacher training + Advanced teacher training 2004-2006) and completed her teacher training in Pilates Matwork (Beginner to Advanced) at STOTT Pilates in Toronto (2009).

It is her hope that massage therapy will help all her clients move more freely, and therefor live more joyfully.

The name Ebbn'flow was inspired by Dahlia's experience as a yoga student, learning to move with the inhale and exhale in a deeply integrated way, which put her in touch with the universal truth of constant change, ever moving states with which to ride out gracefully as life moves through us and around us. The search for perfection is illusive, but the ability to ride the tides of change seems more attainable. It also describes the need to recognize that finding a balance between "Ebb" (Stepping back, being receptive, gathering energy, getting a massage perhaps) and "Flow" (moving forward, acting with energy, exercising perhaps) is necessary and exactly the two modalities that Dahlia aims to offer in her practice with her particular focuses on encouraging and educating clients in the exercises and activities that they can do between sessions that will increase their chances of improvement and injury prevention.